We are the exclusive North American supplier of BES Asphalt Mixing Plants

The BES range of asphalt mixing plants have been comprehensively designed to provide a compact, high quality and low cost asphalt production facility. The flexible batch heating design will allow you to switch and change between materials as and when required, without the need for costly and time consuming clean outs between materials. The standard configuration of every BES asphalt plants, includes all the necessary components to produce high quality asphalts.


  • Aggregate storage & weighing
  • Aggregate drying
  • Twin shaft Mixing
  • Bag Filter
  • Filler silo’s
  • Bitumen Storage & Heating
  • Surge Hopper
  • Control Cabin
  • Touch screen Control System

Model Range

  • BES30 ( 30 tph )
  • BES40 ( 40 tph )
  • BES60 ( 60 tph )
  • BES80 ( 80 tph )

The BES range of asphalt production plants have been designed and built to meet exacting European standards and only the highest quality recognised brand components are used. The control system has been designed and developed by “Taylor Made solutions” in the UK, to ensure all the necessary processes and controls are in place, to meet the requirements of both the UK and European markets.

At the heart of each and every BES asphalt plant beats our specially developed, touch screen, PLC controlled, operating system, which provides the accuracy and control required to produce all types of high quality asphalts. Each plant is available with a variety of different options and can be configured to suit your individual requirements.

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